| July 20, 2007

I recently came across this website.  The purpose and disclaimer are available here.

The pathology topic is edited by Dr. Taadaki Hiruki, Assistant Professor of Pathology and graduate student in medical informatics at the Oregon Health Sciences University (Portland, OR). 

The Medical Matrix Project is devoted to posting, annotating, and continuously updating Internet clinical medicine resources. The target audience is primarily United States physicians and healthworkers who are on the front line in prescribing treatment for disease conditions.

Medical Matrix is an interface that provides access to digital clinical medicine documents that can be utilized during the time span of a patient visit.

Medical Matrix assigns ranks to Internet resources based on their utility for point-of-care clinical application. Quality, peer review, full content, multimedia features, and unrestricted access are emphasized in the rankings. To ensure that the ranks are applied systematically, and as objectively as possible, they are reviewed by and editorial and assigned 1-5 stars according to prescribed guidelines.

In addition to 155 listings for pathology and imaging, there are over 5000 links for a number of medical specialties, literature sources, education and clinical practice.

Ranking system:

1 star Suitable, well-authored clinical content but lacking in substance, or currency. (1-10 points)
2 stars Clinical content is generally reliable and up-to-date. Site design is logical and easy to use. Limited usefulness as a regular clinical resource. (11-20 points)
3 stars Well-authored, accurate, current clinical content. Good site design, well-maintained and extensive functionality. Easily accessed and navigated by the routine user. An overall valuable clinical resource. (21-30 points)
4 stars Outstanding site across all categories and a premier web page for the discipline. (31-40 points)
5 stars An award winning site for Medical Internet. (41-50 points)

Category: Digital Pathology News, Pathology News

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  1. The PACS Designer says:

    Congratulations on entering the “Blogosphere” and wish you only the best in relaying digital information on pathology and laboratories! With a DICOM committee working in this area of expertise your postings should educate everyone who reads here.

  2. Keith Kaplan says:

    Thank you for the kind comments. Look forward to the blogosphere environment.