First Google Health Screenshots

| August 16, 2007

Dr. Victor Brodsky from Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York recently placed this posting on the API listserve.  For readers of the blog who do not subscribe to this – take a look.

"I came across the first screenshots of Google Health and thought I’d pass them along:

The service does not look realistic at this point (and seems to be a great way to do target advertising), but a lot of things Google dabbles in end up being used by many people…"

Here is an overview in New York Times:

From Google Blogscoped

Google Health, codename “Weaver”, is Google’s planned health information storage program. Google’s Vice President of Engineering Adam Bosworth lobbies for the program for quite a while now. Adam said the current US health care system is challenged when it comes to “supporting caregivers and communicating between different medical organizations.” Adam went on to say that people “need the medical information that is out there and available to be organized and made accessible to all … Health information should be easier to access and organize, especially in ways that make it as simple as possible to find the information that is most relevant to a specific patient’s needs.” Adam adds that this – making information accessible – happens to be along Google’s mission.

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