Web Page Discussed Bringing Medicaid and Home Telehealth Together

| August 24, 2007

Can home telehealth help Medicaid recipients have better success receiving the regular healthcare that they need? The question is addressed in the newest installment of the Home Telehealth Community of Care web page entitled “Medicaid and Home Telehealth: It’s Time.” The information was produced by Information for Tomorrow and is available at www.informationfortomorrow.com/community/Medicaid.htm.

Excessive costs of more than $300 billion annual for the 50 million plus Medicaid enrollees is a good reason to look at alternatives or adjuncts like home telehealth. Technology is working best now with large populations needing frequent contact and management for their multiple chronic diseases and conditions. At this time, 83% of the Medicaid budget is devoted to persons living with chronic diseases and other conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory conditions.

The web page provides details on the burgeoning expenses of Medicaid patients in the “Medicaid Pays” segment, along with details on the handful of states where Medicaid programs are leading the way to trying different and much needed new approaches.

Also on the site, Kim Anderson, RN and CEO, Rural Health Advantage in Chariton IA provides a broader view on the specifics that are needed to understand the value for keeping the long term Medicaid population well and at home using telehealth. She provides details on how Medicaid funding was established in Iowa.

The Home Telehealth Community of Care Information web page is continually updated and developed by Information For Tomorrow, a telehealthcare company specializing in research on home telehealth tools and applications. According to Research Director Audrey Kinsella, this quarterly web page provides the opportunity to keep current and get targeted information in selected topics in the area of home telehealthcare.

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