Digital Images of Case Reports and Other Articles in International Journal of Surgical Pathology

| August 27, 2007

From Dr. Juan Rosai, Editor, IJSP

As already announced in previous issues of the journal (“New Editorial Policy for the Publication of Case Reports”) and further specified in the “Instructions to Authors” notice, most articles published in the “Case Reports” section of the journal and some from other sections will have an added feature that we believe will greatly enhance their interest. Those articles will be identified by the icon DI (standing for Digital Image) in the Table of Contents and in the title page. In addition to the conventional printed photomicrographs that will accompany each article, readers will be able to view the digitally scanned image of the entire microscopic slide(s) of the case by following this procedure:

1. Go to Website

2. Go to Galleria. You will be asked for User ID and Password. Type on both fields the word guest;

3. Click on IJSP folder and go to listview (upper right hand window). You will see a listing of the articles having scanned images, identified by the volume, initial page number and year of publication written on the slide label(s);

4. Click on the desired case to view it. If necessary, follow instructions on the use of the program by clicking the Help green button. This feature will be made retroactive, in the sense that it will include some of the cases published in past issues of the journal. In an effort to make the list as complete as possible, authors of Case Reports published before the current issue will be invited to submit representative slides from their cases in order for them to be incorporated into the file. Those articles selected prior to this issue will not be identified by the icon DI, and therefore any reader interested in seeing whether a digital image exists for it will have to search for it in the chronologically arranged database.

All the cases have been scanned with the ScanScope CS, manufactured by Aperio Technologies. The scanning has been carried out at Milestone SRL (, a company based in Bergamo, Italy, which manufactures microwave units for rapid histoprocessing and instrumentation for macro digital imaging for grossing procedures. One of the company’s main goals is to provide pathologists with innovative tools to enable sameday diagnostic results. Their generous sponsorship of this new feature of the journal is greatly appreciated.

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