Announcement for Third Annual World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress: WHIT 3.0 Innovation to Transform

| October 1, 2007

The Third Annual World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT 3.0) (December 9-11, Washington, DC) is designed to dispel the confusion that reigns at the intersection of health care and technology. Health care practitioners, whether providers or payers are faced with a myriad choices in technology solutions and are responsible for the daunting task of developing a roadmap on integrating these technologies within real-world constraints of budgets, legacy systems and limited staffing.

WHIT 3.0 convenes leading thinkers, developers and adopters under one roof with the mandate of "operationalizing health care technology in the real world." The faculty is a who’s who of health care technology gurus, business minds, CIOs and top innovators from providers and payers, regulators and government.

Whether building the next generation of electronic medical records, new ideas in mobile health, personal telehealth, remote monitoring of chronic diseases, on-demand healthcare, predictive genomics to tailor drug doses and Internet-style marketplaces for healthcare services, WHIT 3.0 is the one meeting you should attend if you need to understand which technologies are optimal for you and exactly how you can most efficiently integrate these tech solutions into your overall strategic plans.

Confirmed speakers include Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Case.

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