Siemens And InnerWireless In A Wireless Healthcare Deal

| October 8, 2007

HealthAlliance Hospital says it is taking its workflow management solution from Siemens Medical Solutions, Soarian, wireless via devices supported by InnerWireless’ Medical-grade Wireless Utility. HealthAlliance is adopting this unique approach to provide unprecedented wireless services to physicians, staff and patients to help increase productivity and enhance the healing environment.

Wireless signals are distributed throughout HealthAlliance Hospital by InnerWireless’ Medical-grade Wireless Utility, a broadband antenna system that supports virtually any wireless device including hand-held computers, cell phones and pagers. HealthAlliance has streamlined communications by allowing clinicians and staff to wirelessly access Soarian, HealthAlliance’s hospital information system, from anywhere in the facility. This mobility further improves the clinicians’ workflow and facilitates decision-making at the patient’s bedside.

“Wireless is where healthcare is headed. Our clinicians want to be by the patient’s side, so we adopted wireless devices including computers on wheels and PDAs,” said Rick Mohnk, CIO of HealthAlliance Hospital. “HealthAlliance’s clinicians are leveraging wireless devices to access the information they need, anytime and anywhere, to help reduce medical errors, improve workflow and increase communications, all for enhanced patient care. Of all the wireless infrastructures we reviewed, only InnerWireless could guarantee the wireless coverage required to keep our caregivers connected to Soarian and to each other, and InnerWireless works seamlessly with our Cisco network.”

“Rick Mohnk is a healthcare thought leader, and he works tirelessly to ensure that HealthAlliance has the technology needed to provide the best patient care possible,” said Chris Click, vice president of marketing for InnerWireless. “InnerWireless is proud that HealthAlliance chose the Wireless Utility to be the backbone for all of its current and future wireless needs, including cellular, two-way radio and wireless nurse calling. InnerWireless is pleased to help HealthAlliance achieve its goals as one of America’s most forward-thinking healthcare facilities.”

InnerWireless and Siemens are used in other leading healthcare facilities, including The Heart Center of Indiana, a state-of-the-art complex of facilities and medical specialists focused on providing advanced, specialized treatment of cardiovascular disease.

“Clinicians and patients are mobile but, in many healthcare settings today, access to patient information is stationary. When clinicians are required to use a stationary terminal they often have to alter their workflow and may be forced to write down or remember information until they can input it at a terminal, potentially sacrificing time and accuracy,” said Gail Latimer, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Siemens Medical Solutions. “Due to its web-native architecture, Soarian can run on any device that supports its browser requirements, complementing the nomadic nature of clinicians.”

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  1. Ole Eichhorn says:

    I have to agree, wireless is the future of digital pathology. With 802.11n a threshold was passed, where wireless went from “works well enough to demo” to “works well enough for production”.