| October 18, 2007

I recently met Dr. Doug Tkachuk at CAP ’07.  He runs a new Canadian pathology informatics organization, focused on enhancing and accelerating educational and diagnostic pathology workflows.

Objective Pathology is building an innovative and highly capable new telepathology service. We support a growing repository of personal, peer-reviewed, institutional, and government-sponsored image collections, hosted on a state-of-the-art network and storage infrastructure. Our client services include:

  • educational slide boxes
  • inter- and intra- hospital rounds
  • interactive courseware
  • research imaging and publications
  • proficiency assessment
  • glass-to-image slide scanning
  • frozen sections and consultative review
  • image sharing and archival
  • and other applications requiring remote visualization of photomicrographs, virtual slides, or assay data

These services are available to individuals or institutions, for either public review or secure private access. Contact them via kemp.watson@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk or doug.tkachuk@uhn.on.ca for more information, and watch for product announcements and changes to their site at www.objectivepathology.com in the coming months.

Some examples of their work are below (courtesy of Dr. Douglas Tkachuk MD FRCPC, President, Objective Pathology Ltd. http://www.objectivepathology.com/, Editor, Wintrobe’s Atlas of Clinical Pathology, Associate Professor University of Toronto:    

1. CME and Lab proficiency examples (some are branded with client’s logo)

CME and Lab profic for blood films, interactive features, movie

CME and Lab profic for bodily fluids (this case is a reactive pleural
fluid), interactive features, movie

CME for anatomical pathologists, annotated digital slides, interactive
message boxes:

2. Educational videos (please be patient while movie loads, this while
improve in next few weeks):

Educational  video, "Iron deficiency anemia", using digital slides:

Educational  video, "How to read a blood film", using digital slides,
photomics, gross photos:

Educational video, "Myeloma", using digital slides, book pages, photomics,
gross photos, radiology:

3. Urgent  remote consultation using screen capture software with standard
microscope (or digital slide) and camera:

From a microscope (time from glass slide to internet movie = 5 minutes!):

4. One line pdfs for teaching, here are example of my recent book on line:

5.  Just great high res. images, check out this blood film from a case of

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