Virtual pathology at the University of Leeds

| October 29, 2007

Virtual pathology at the University of Leeds

Virtual slides can be made available for commercial users. For details please email with your requirements. All slides on this site are the property of the University of Leeds and no commercial use is sanctioned without prior permission.

Available on this site are the following:

  1. Virtual slides of common human cancers. These may be of interest to cancer patients or individuals studying cancer at any level.
  2. Our slide library of educational slides available for viewing.
  3. Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching packages.
  4. National external quality assurance schemes for renal, liver, gastrointestinal and haematological malignancies.
  5. Leeds Gift Tissue Bank site. View cases that have been added to this tissue bank.
  6. National Cancer Research Institute clinical trial demonstrator linking radiology with pathology.
  7. Clinical trials running from Leeds. Classic trial pathology and macros.
  8. National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Draft Guidelines and examples
  9. Posh Study
  10. Slides to accompany ACP Meetings

   11.  BSG polyp study slides

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