Aperio Secures Exclusive License to Genie Pro™ Image Pattern Recognition Technology for Digital Pathology

| November 14, 2007

Digital Pathology Leader Teams With Los Alamos National Laboratory to Adapt Novel Pattern Recognition Software to Analyze Pathology Images

VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aperio Technologies, Inc., (Aperio), the global leader in digital pathology for the healthcare and life sciences industry, is pleased to announce that it has secured an exclusive worldwide license from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for the use of LANLs Genetic Imagery Exploration (Genie Pro) image pattern recognition technology in the digital pathology market.

Aperio will incorporate Genie Pro into its Spectrum digital pathology information management software, enabling it to be used as a pre-processing engine for various tissue scoring algorithms, such as finding tumor regions in digital immunohistochemistry (IHC) slides. Genie Pro also will be offered as a general pattern recognition tool for applications that include rare event detection, content-based image retrieval, and tissue classification.

Incorporating a progressive analysis tool like Genie Pro into the Aperio product suite enables us to provide our customers with a next generation image pattern recognition technology for digital slide images that requires little training to create compelling results, stated Dirk Soenksen, founder and CEO of Aperio. We view image analysis and pattern recognition capabilities as an important driver for the adoption of digital pathology, and are excited about adding Genie Pro to our suite of image analysis algorithms.

Genie Pro is a powerful software tool for developing automatic feature extraction algorithms for image analysis, notes Dr. Neal Harvey, senior member of LANLs technical staff. The combination of flexibility and ease of use makes Genie Pro ideal for the most challenging applications in digital pathology.

Genie Pro enables powerful pattern recognition tools to be tailored for specific applications, without software development or image analysis expertise. Combining Genie Pro technology with Aperios patented algorithm framework allows the simplicity and power of Genie Pro to be readily applied to multi-gigabyte digital slide images. Two thirds of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies currently use Aperios patented ScanScope slide scanning systems, which include image analysis algorithms for quantitative analysis and research.

About Aperio

Aperio is digitizing pathology. We provide systems and services for digital pathology, which is an environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information that originates with the digitization of a glass slide. Aperios award-winning ScanScope® slide scanning systems and Spectrum digital pathology information management software improve the efficiency and quality of pathology services for pathologists and other professionals. Applications include education, remote viewing, archival and retrieval, basic research, and image analysis. Aperio’s products have been cleared by the FDA for clinical use in HER2 image analysis, and are intended for research and education use for other applications. For more information, please visit www.aperio.com.

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