Kodak X-Sight Dyes

| November 16, 2007
For Fluorescent In Vivo Imaging Applications

Carestream Molecular Imaging said it has added new large Stokes-shift dyes for fluorescent in-vivo imaging applications to its Kodak X-Sight imaging agent product line.

Carestream Molecular Imaging is a division of Carestream Health Inc., formed earlier this year when Toronto-based Onex Corp. bought Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group. Kodak X-Sight large Stokes-shift dyes enable researchers and scientists to maximize the fluorescent signal while minimizing autofluorescence issues during in vivo imaging, Carestream Molecular Imaging said.

"Our new Kodak X-Sight large Stokes-shift dyes, characterized by near-infrared emission and a large Stokes shift, enable researchers to achieve a higher sensitivity of fluorescent detection deeper into tissue," said Shahram Hejazi, PhD, president of Carestream Molecular Imaging.

"Stokes shift" refers to the separation of absorption and emission maxima. Having a significantly larger Stokes shift — greater than 80 nanometers (nm) in the case of Kodak X-Sight dyes — helps researchers eliminate much of the background that typically obstructs the fluorescent signal while allowing researchers to excite and emit the dyes at their maxima, thus resulting in far greater signal to noise. Most commercially available dyes typically have a Stokes shift between 20-30 nm, the company said.

In an organism, the dyes can illuminate a region of interest when excited by the appropriate wavelength of fluorescent light, allowing the researcher to visualize his or her target.

While the Kodak X-Sight imaging agents have been optimized for Kodak Image Station and in vivo systems, they are also compatible with other commercially available digital imaging systems, Carestream said.

The dyes will be available this fall for preclinical use, according to the company. For more information, visit: www.mistore.carestreamhealth.com; e-mail: molecular-support@carestreamhealth.com

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