Breath testing may provide non-invasive glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetics, study suggests

| November 19, 2007

MedPage Today reports, "The goal of noninvasive glucose monitoring for children with type 1 diabetes has gained momentum from early results with an experimental breath test," according to a study reported online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Investigators "analyzed exhaled gas profiles and plasma glucose levels of 10 children with type 1 diabetes." They found that "[a]mong the more than 100 gases detected in the children’s breath, methyl nitrate was most closely correlated with blood glucose levels," and "closely paralleled plasma glucose in 16 of the 18 experiments." And, researchers also noted that "exhaled gas analysis for diabetic patients may also be useful in determining pathogenesis of complications, particularly because the method allows for testing of many different gases related to insulin, lipids, and other blood variables."

Category: In-vivo

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