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| December 1, 2007

As caBIG(TM) aims to achieve broader engagement from organizations and institutions in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and commercial IT sectors, caBIG(TM) leadership will provide key resources to facilitate adoption of caBIG(TM) infrastructure, interoperability framework, and tools.

Issue 6 of caBIG(TM) Links highlights some of these resources, including informational materials and a recap of the November 8-9 caBIG(TM) Community Outreach Summit, which brought together key leaders in academia, patient advocacy, the private sector, and government. This issue also highlights some of the caBIG(TM)-enabled work that is led by Rakesh Nagarajan, M.D., Ph.D., at the Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University.

This month’s issue features:

   * caBIG(TM) Seeks Broader Adoption within the Biomedical Community

   * Accelerating Research with Effective Biobanking

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