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| January 17, 2008

Came across this blog from a Hungarian medical student with interests in clinical genetics.  Very nice blog with several accolades.  Here is a recent post pertinent to pathology from

Last November, I presented Juha Nickels’ software applications created for pathologists. Now, here are two other services and websites. Web 2.0 can offer some useful possibilities for medical professionals and not only in the field of pathology.

  • The Interactive Pathology Laboratory (IPLab) is an extremely comprehensive, interactive, case-based approach for learning the concepts of Pathology. It consists of more than 100 cases outlining clinical and laboratory findings along with gross photographs and photomicrographs accompanied by descriptive text.


  • Nikon Human Pathology Digital Image Gallery: The image gallery presented in this section attempts to illustrate, through use of the brightfield microscope, many of the pathological conditions that are readily observed in stained human specimens. Each image was chosen for artistic merit, photographic quality, and content.


If you want to read more about web 2.0’s impact on medicine and healthcare, check out this collection!

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