Message from USCAP for Upcoming Meeting

| February 2, 2008
I am very happy to announce that the USCAP Specialty (evening) Conference Unknown Slides/Clinical Histories for the 2008 Annual Meeting in March 08 are now up on our USCAP Website:
Just look on the right hand side of the homepage: USCAP Bulletin: 2008 Annual Meeting: In red ("Specialty Conference Unknown Slides").
As you know, the answers, text, references for each of these slide sessions will be put up on the USCAP Website the day after that evening session.
(You may need to hit "refresh" on your computer to see the materials just put up)…
The complete USCAP Annual Meeting Program Book for 2008 will be up in less than a week, and the 26 Companion Society Materials will be up in about 2 weeks….
Take care.
Please share this information with your colleagues and house staff/fellows.
Fred Silva, EVP-USCAP.

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