Lucid Launches VivaNet(R) Telemedicine Server for Dermatology Applications

| February 12, 2008

Lucid, Inc. ( today announced the launch of its secure

VivaNet(R) telemedicine server and network. The network is designed to transfer

and manage clinical data between dermatology practitioners using Lucid’s non-

invasive VivaScope(R) Confocal Imagers with pathologists or other medical specialists.

Lucid’s VivaScope(R) confocal imager microscopes provide non-invasive, in-vivo

cellular resolution images of skin. Dermatologists can use the images to form a

clinical judgment for a variety of skin conditions without the need to excise tissue.

The VivaNet(R) network provides fast, accurate and secure storage, retrieval,

and transfer of VivaScope images across the Internet or Lucid’s private network

service. Its launch will make VivaScope(R) images available for review by other

dermatologists and pathologists in minutes – thus enabling rapid, real-time

professional collaboration.

"With VivaNet(R), practitioners can rapidly receive a pathologic interpretation of

confocal images from a VivaScope(R) session, potentially assisting physicians in

arriving at a clinical judgment while a patient is still in the doctor’s office," said

Jay Eastman, CEO, Lucid Inc.

"Just as MRI and CT scans have largely eliminated the need for routine ‘exploratory

surgery’, the use of the VivaNet(R) network in conjunction with VivaScope(R)

confocal microscopes may one day eliminate the need for routine invasive

skin biopsies," he said.

During a typical session, once VivaScope(R) images are captured, they are uploaded

to the secure VivaNet(R) server, along with other patient-related data. From there,

the patient image set is immediately available for retrieval by and transfer to other

authorized practitioners.

The advantages of the VivaNet(R) network include:

— Secure sharing of digital cellular resolution images among medical professionals

— Fast, accurate, secure information exchange to enable clinical judgments of

patient skin lesions

— Rapid, near-real-time clinical reporting

— Ensured HIPAA compliance, privacy, and data integrity via DICOM-compliant,

standardized medical image storage, retrieval, and transfer.

The VivaNet(R) network has been launched for near term use by dermatologists,

as users of the VivaScope(R) microscopes, and pathologists, as readers of VivaScope

images, in the US, Europe and Australia.

For more information, visit or call 585-239-9800.

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