Superior phase contrast without special objectives

| February 19, 2008

High resolution phase contrast and fluorescence imaging is now possible using the same objective, thanks to the unique external phase contrast system on Nikon’s new Ti Series of inverted microscopes

The external phase contrast system, available on all models, locates the phase ring within the main microscope body thus allows for the use of high NA and Tirf objectives, for the acquisition of high quality phase contrast images. The Ti Series exclusive use of high NA objectives without phase rings to achieve phase contrast, enables the capture of brighter fluorescence images; essentially recapturing the 10-15% of light traditionally blocked out by the phase annulus in the objective.

In addition, the external phase contrast unit minimises both aberration and double image acquisition to achieve crisp definition of cells.

Commenting on the phase contrast capabilities of the Ti Series Alan Monk, biological imaging systems specialist for Nikon Instruments UK, said: ‘The revolutionary design of this system will provide live cell researchers with a much higher level of image quality.

‘Phase contrast images with less oblique shading than that of DIC observation can be achieved, allowing for high precision data processing and image analysis.

‘As an example, individual cell contours will be able to be defined with a Tirf image specimen’.

Nikon’s external phase contrast system is just one of the applications that places the Ti Series at the very heart of high magnification, high resolution live cell applications

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