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| April 13, 2008

It’s a great pleasure for me to host Medicine 2.0, the blog carnival of web 2.0 and medicine. We, medical bloggers, try to write more and more about web 2.0’s impact on medicine and healthcare. med320.jpg

My thanks to Berci Mesko for the invitation to participate in the growing body of information combining web 2.0 and medicine.  For those who are not familiar with Berci’s several blogs at, they are a must read.  There are several pertinent items posted on digital pathology which I referenced here previously. 

For an overview on Medicine 2.0, check out this slideshow.

Thank you to all the contributors.Mousestetho50

The next edition will be hosted by on April 20th.

Webtools in medicine and healthcare

Andy presents Google Health Collaborates with Cleveland Clinic posted at On The Wards.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Medicare Squeezes Residency Programs posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

The Daily Scan presents Bigger Monitors = Bigger Productivity.

Amy suggests checking out the Top 50 Alternative Medicine Blogs.

A guest post by Matthew Krajewski from the Kosmix RightHealth Blog focuses on the importance of information categorization and online health search, and discusses health search in the context of internet technology trends at Highlight HEALTH 2.0.

Digital Pathology Blog presents Prevention May Cost More Than Treatment.

Medinformatica lists the Top 100 Healthcare IT companies ranked by revenues.

Over my Med Body looks at Jay Parkinson’s electronic practice in New York.

David Rothman presents JANE, eTBLAST, and Whatizit.

Healthblog presents Picture This! Unified Communications in Healthcare.

BBGM looks at Ologeez. 

Virtual E-visit at The Life Ledger.

Docinthemachine looks at Glimpse the Future at a Cell-Phone Convention: What is 4G?

Search in Second Life Opens Up! from Healthinfo Island.

Medical Education Blog presents General Education Uses of Second Life.

Uri Ginzburg at Medical 2.0 came across Doccheck, the leading healthcare community in Europe.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Fitness/ Training Newsletter posted at SharpBrains, with plenty of educational tools.

Walter Jessen at Highlight HEALTH 2.0, which is focused on following web 2.0 in health and medicine, says YouTube is a Source of Health Misinformation.

Bertalan Meskó has added a search engine to his ScienceRoll site. You can search ClinicalTrials, DrugInfo, eMedicine, Medscape, PubMed Central, WebMD, etc. – all at once, or selectively. The search results are catagorized, so you can see the "clumps" of search results, and choose among them.  The Daily Scan has registered and forwarded it to Bertalan’s search engine.

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  1. Berci Mesko says:

    Thank you, Keith, for the great edition that is full of submissions. I hope you will host another edition in 2008.

  2. Steve Wright says:

    Thank you for the great compilation on the carnival!

  3. Nathan Long says:

    What is your position concerning a patient’s right to have her cytology slides reviewd by a board certified pathologist of her own choosing, when that pathologist does not work in the hospital where the slides were produced and are located?
    The situation I have in mind is: a patient has requested the hospital to permit Dr. “A” (a licensed physician, board certified in anatomic pathology) to review her slides. Dr. “B”, chief of pathology in the hospital refuses to permit this because Dr. “A” is not currently working in a CLIA Certified laboratory.
    Has anyone ever heard of this?!?

  4. Faiqa says:

    Thanks of shairing information about Digital Pathology.

  5. i would never have bought anything just because it was practical, would not show soil or was guaranteed to last a life time.