Lab InfoTech Summit 2008 Powerpoint Lectures Available Online

| April 15, 2008

Most of the Lab InfoTech Summit 2008 Powerpoint lectures from the recent meeting held last week are available online at here.

Micheal McNeely MD, President for the Association for Pathology Informatics shared these thoughts recently on an API listserve message:

"My take home message is that the future of Pathology and Health Care will be a much looser and less hind-bound environment where we will need to throw away our prejudice of how things should be done.  At the same time, we will need to tighten our procedures to standardize them, review them, and optimize them.  A curious blend of letting loose on the forward movement with innovation based upon maintaining stability, safety, and information.  The key, it seems, is Informatics and the 15 or so lectures repeated this message is different ways."

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  1. Medicine 2.0 carnival at

    It is a pleasure to host the Medicine 2.0 carnival for the second time. The first time I wrote about the possibilities of Medicine 2.0 in 2015. This time I will use some of the articles to tell something about dutch practice.
    Canadian EMR discusses the bi