ATA Highlights High Tech

| April 18, 2008

The American Telemedicine Association will host its Thirteenth Annual Meeting and Exhibition April 6-8 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Thousands of healthcare professionals, high-tech companies, and experts from around the world will be descending on Seattle to hear hundreds of presentations, new product announcements, and the latest research by medical and technology experts. More than 1,000 telemedicine products and services will be displayed by almost 200 companies on the exhibit floor.

The very latest in advanced technology, gadgets, and software will be on display to help healthcare providers and consumers. The exhibit will show devices that help train emergency responders by simulating disaster areas, networks that can manage and deliver improved treatment of patients with infectious diseases, technologies to enhance battlefield treatment and evacuation of injured soldiers, services to increase the quality of life for seniors, and weight management programs to help obese children lose weight.

The three day meeting will explore the latest findings in homeland security, emergency preparedness and disaster response, chronic care, mental health, and access for underserved populations. Plenary presentations from senior leaders in healthcare will be held as well as over 300 presentations organized into tracks to include:

  • Clinical applications
  • Home telehealth, disease management and remote monitoring
  • Pediatrics and telehealth
  • Program operations
  • Public policy
  • Emergency and trauma support
  • Technology
  • Telemental health

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