Bond doctor has a licence to save

| June 16, 2008

James Ferguson
James Ferguson is a fan of the James Bond films

An Aberdeen doctor is the man trusted with saving James Bond’s life on screen, BBC Scotland can reveal.

The name is Ferguson – James Ferguson – and he devised the dramatic scene in Casino Royale when a poisoned 007, played by Daniel Craig, saves himself.

He is remotely diagnosed by MI6 experts and treats himself with their advice.

The consultant thought Aberdeen Royal Infirmary telemedicine treatment was ideal for Bond, and will now offer future advice to the film producers.

The Casino Royale scene is based on patients being diagnosed and treated via a video link.

It is being pioneered at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by Mr Ferguson and his team to provide medical cover for remote areas of Scotland.

Mr Ferguson is a big Bond fan and came up with the idea of telemedicine being used in a 007 mission.

The filmmakers loved it and the scene with a poisoned drink was born.

The consultant and his colleagues are now retained as medical advisors on future Bond films.

Mr Ferguson told BBC Scotland: "We thought of the idea for Bond being poisoned and getting support and treating himself and sent it to the Bond producers. They wanted Bond to become more realistic.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig’s 007 character was saved by the technology

"The technology is all there now, Bond uses his phone, his laptop, it’s all about modern communications.

"The health service has been a bit behind in using it, where in reality we can deliver a lot of care using telemedicine.

"Doing emergency medicine and being James Bond’s doctor, I don’t know how much better it gets.

"Daniel Craig could be on the phone to me at any time."

Casino Royale saw Daniel Craig debut as the iconic secret agent in 2006.

His next James Bond film is called Quantum of Solace.

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