Journal of Clinical Pathology publishes paper penned solely by undergraduate student

| June 25, 2008

Utah’s Deseret News (6/24, Davis) reported that some in the research community "see the acceptance of a Brigham Young University undergraduate’s article by" the Journal of Clinical Pathology "as an accomplishment well worth the spotlight." Moreover, the fact that Brett Alldredge "devised, researched, and wrote the article on his own — an accomplishment that rarely is achieved by a doctoral student, much less an undergraduate" — is considered "incredible." The undergraduate’s "article explores recent publications on connections between individual cells called ‘gap junction,’ which are common in and important to most human tissue, and their relationships with different diseases or disorders as a result of malfunction." One of his professors, David Busath, said that "Alldredge wrote the article by himself because there was little he as a professor could add to it by way of expertise." Runjan Chetty, editor of the journal, said, "It is most unusual to have undergraduates publish on their own." But "[t]his is an important area of research," and "Brett’s contribution will be widely read, as it will interest several who are working in the field," Chetty added.

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