Survey for synoptic reporting

| June 30, 2008

I recently received an e-mail from a friend at mtuitive that I have copied below.  They are asking clinicians for guidance in generating synoptic reports, much like they have done in pathology. If interested, I encourage you to check out their site, their products and take a few minutes to complete the survey.  E-mail and survey links below:

"We are asking for your guidance in the design of a new process for generating surgical notes known as “synoptic reporting”.  mTuitive develops synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines.

A synoptic report is the result of capturing data in a structured checklist. The structured checklist consists of pre-specified questions and selectable answers that describe the surgery. This process improves communication between computer systems and between clinicians while saving clinicians’ time and reducing costs.

We are conducting a survey to determine the level of interest for surgical synoptic reporting and to gather information for product design.  The objectives of this survey are to:

1.       Identify the specific data elements that should be captured in surgical notes

2.       Evaluate the benefits of surgical synoptic reporting as compared to traditional dictation and transcription

3.       Encourage your feedback and suggestions for improvement

This short survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete."

Click here to complete the short survey

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