The modern histopathologist: in the changing face of time

| July 10, 2008

The modern histopathologist: in the changing face of time

Diagnostic Pathology 2008, 3:25 doi:10.1186/1746-1596-3-25

Biman Saikia (

Kirti Gupta (

Uma N Saikia (


The molecular age histopathologist of today is practicing pathology in a totally different

scenario than the preceding generations did. Histopathologists stand, as of now, on the

cross roads of a traditional ‘visible’ morphological science and an ‘invisible’ molecular

science. As molecular diagnosis finds more and more applicability in histopathological

diagnosis, it is time for the policy makers to reframe the process of accreditation and reaccreditation

of the modern histopathologist in context to the rapid changes taking place

in this science. Incorporation of such ‘molecular’ training viv-a-vis information

communication technology skills viz. telemedicine and telepathology, digital imaging

techniques and photography and a sound knowledge of the economy that the fresh entrant

would ultimately become a part of would go a long way to produce the Modern

Histopathologist. This review attempts to look at some of these aspects of this rapidly

advancing ‘art of science.’


So, are we looking at a histopathologist, who is not only a good traditional

morphologist, but also an IT savvy scientist, with drops of Leonardo Da Vinci and

Picasso in blood, who is ready to take technology head-on, without the inhibitions the

current generation of pathologists face and who would look at the histopathology market

with a much wider perspective of the current economy? The making of this Modern

Histopathologist would require a drastic change in the accreditation procedure and a

major initiative on the part of the policy makers and the teachers of Pathology. The

transition from a field of visual interpretations to a largely invisible molecular science

will take some time to firm foot but will eventually be there.

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