BLISS HD High-Definition Virtual Microscopy System

| August 4, 2008

The Olympus BLISS HD system advances the field of clinical digital imaging with the introduction of high-definition virtual microscopy. Bringing together the technology and software from Bacus Laboratories with Olympus’ advanced optical expertise, BLISS HD delivers superior, high- resolution virtual slide images, automatically, with push-button simplicity.

Slides can be scanned at true 20x and 40x, with an option for 60x oil, with automatic tissue detection and multiple region of interest scanning possible. Virtual-ZTM, our unique multiple z-plane scanning and virtual focusing feature, makes BLISS HD an ideal system for scanning thick specimens where depth of focus is important. In combination with WebSlide® Enterprise, our advanced viewer and database software and WebSlide Server, designed specifically for handling virtual microscopy files, BLISS HD is one of the most powerful, personal virtual slide scanning systems available.

Single slide scanning  1041_header_3
Automatic/manual scanning modes
Virtual-Z, multiple z-plane scanning
Automatic tissue detection
Multiple regions of interest 
True 20x/0.75NA and 40×0.95NA scanning
Optional 60x oil scanning
Compatible Glass Slide 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm)

Spatial Resolution (Pixel Size in Image Plane)
20x — 0.223um/pixel
40x — 0.162um/pixel

Sampling Efficiency (Pixels per Optical Resolution)1041_secondary_sm
20x — 1.92 pixels (96% of Nyquist)
40x — 2.3 pixels (115% of Nyquist)
Numerical Aperture
Objectives Optical Resolution
1.25x PLAPO 0.04NA, 8.39um
10x UPLSAPO 0.40NA, 0.839um
20x UPLSAPO 0.75NA, 0.447um
40x UPLSAPO 0.95NA, 0.353um
60x UPLSAPO (optional) 1.35NA, 0.249um

Sensor 1/2", 3 CCD
Color Digital Camera,
1360 x 1024 pixels

Image Acquisition
Automatic Mode: Multiple tissue segments detected automatically
Manual Mode: Manually selected regions of interest
Z-Stack Scanning User-selectable scan option,9 Z-planes

Scanning Area Entire usable glass slide area

Image Types JPEG, JPEG with compression, BMP

Slide Loading Single slide, manual

Control Computer
3.0 GHz Quad Core
Xeon® Processor
8 MB L2 Cache Memory,
4 GB Ram Memory
Microsoft Windows Vista®
Operating System
.5 Tb Hard Drive Storage
Dual 20" Flat Panel Monitors, each
1600 x 1200 @ 32-bit color

Software Included
BLISS HD Scanning Software
WebSlide Enterprise Viewer
SlideTray™ Software

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