Benefits of Digital Pathology

| August 12, 2008

The Aperio blog has reference to an article written by Raymond Tecotzky, product director at Aperio Technologies in Advance Laboratory.

Here is the introduction:

How improvements and efficiencies in data sharing, remote access, data management and intelligent data mining are realized.

Digital pathology is having a major impact in improving the delivery of results for pathologists, researchers and laboratories around the world.

The traditional pathology workflow based on the use of glass slides and a microscope is undergoing a digital transformation. Virtual microscopy—the process of converting entire glass microscope slides into high-resolution, whole-slide digital images that can be viewed, managed and analyzed with a computer instead of a microscope—and digital pathology management systems that help interpret the information generated from the digitized glass slide are gaining momentum for a wide variety of applications. Utilizing digital slides, pathologists can access slide specimens and related data from any location in the world, fostering more efficient laboratory workflow, physician communication, education and research, all at a reasonable cost.

Virtual microscopy is just one component of a broader digital pathology environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information enabled by the digitization of a glass slide.

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