Follow up on Mayo Clinic Facebook

| August 13, 2008

About 4 months, I mentioned a story on Mayo Clinic establishing a group on Facebook.

Since then, over 1,800 people have become "fans" and posted 48 "wall posts". 

While I thought this was forward thinking for my institution in the spirit of Medicine 2.0 (see below), I thought "putting yourself out there" might have its negatives as well that could not be controlled in terms of who became "a fan" and what comments their might be.  Nonetheless, the response seems to be very positive with inspiring stories from patients and employees alike, from all three campuses. 

My search for other large academic medical and referral centers did not yield any other institutions with group pages but I suspect these will be forthcoming.

Medicine 2.0 brief Description
From: maxedmond, 1 year ago
Medicine 2.0, what is it? why to use it?
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