Optronics® introduces their new revolutionary Microcast® HD Studio™

| August 17, 2008

Optronics® introduces their new revolutionary Microcast® HD Studio™, a 1080p high-definition microscope camera system with built in HD image capture and MPEG-4 progressive scan video recording without a computer.

Santa Barbara, CA – June 2008- Optronics®, a manufacturer of innovative medical grade camera systems for microscopy, announces the introduction of Microcast® HD Studio™, a revolutionary true high-definition 1080p digital microscope camera system with built in 1920x1080p image capture and progressive scan MPEG-4 video recording.

Microcast HD Studio creates the ultimate cinematic microscope visualization, documentation and recording experience.  The powerful camera system delivers superior color accuracy, detail and depth perception of microscope images at 60 frames per second.  “It’s the only 2-megpixel color camera on the market that delivers 60 images every second, and that’s just the beginning,” according to Dave McGhee, a 15-year imaging consultant with Optronics. “…Microcast HD Studio, captures full HD stills and unbelievable quality progressive scan MPEG-4 video without a computer…no other camera system can do this.”

Microcast HD Studio is the next generation of HD innovation from Optronics.  The HD camera platform is being used routinely in diagnostic and surgical imaging. Pathologists can view their images in real-time 1080p digital format in a conference room setting that exceeds the capability of the microscope. Surgeons using microscopes across many disciplines can use the camera for teaching and documentation purposes.

Utilizing true 3CCD high-definition progressive scan technology, Microcast HD Studio delivers image resolution of 1920 x 1080p (2 million) pixels with real-time frame rates in a 16:9 format that reflects natural human vision.  The system will capture the images in JPEG or MPEG-4 format onto USB storage media with commands from an easy to use keypad interface. “This is more than an HD visualization tool for a microscope, it’s a comprehensive imaging solution that requires no image capture software and very little training…”stated Rich Crandall Director of Business Development for Optronics.

Microcast HD Studio is the first microscope camera system that offers both megapixel resolution and unsurpassed speed that traditional digital microscope cameras cannot.  Large format digital microscope cameras produce slow frame rates, interlace artifacts and do not exceed 3-10 frames per second.  Traditional analog 3CCD cameras offer 30 Hz interlaced frame rates but lack resolution and detail required for demanding microscope inspection and visualization applications.

Microcast HD Studio is a true C-Mount camera.  The camera is designed to be installed on a variety of microscopes and is controlled directly from buttons on the camera head or through a remote control keypad.  Image files and MPEG-4 video can be edited in a variety of off the shelf imaging programs including Apple® I-Movie® where the images and video can be exported to the I-Phone® or PowerPoint® for presentation.

Imaging professionals interested in digital imaging for microscopy are encouraged to visit Optronics online: optronics.com

Rich Crandall

Optronics | Medical Grade Microimaging Systems

Director of Business Development

Microcast HD | High Definition Cinemicrography



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