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| August 24, 2008

Berci Mesko over at continues to astound and amaze me with his vision and time he his able to dedicate as a full-time medical student to the world of Medicine 2.0.  I have posted on this previously a couple of weeks ago (Follow up on Mayo Clinic Facebook). 

Berci has done it again with webicina, an online service with aims to help physicians enter the web 2.0 era with personalized Medicine 2.0 packages including step-by-step tutorials, webinars and online image building solutions. 

He and I are part of a medical bloggers panel at the Medicine 2.0 Congress next week in Toronto. 

All of this has got me thinking about "Pathology 2.0" as we progress with digital technology and the "Practice of Pathology 2.0" and what will the tumor board of 2012 or 2020 look like?  Combine molecular, digital technologies and bioinformatics and the tools needed for personalized, predictive and pre-emptive medicine are at our fingertips.  I will introduce these concepts with the time I have available in Toronto and expand upon them at Pathology Visions 2008 in October. 

This is an opportunity for pathology that will enhance our practices with increased diagnostic accuracy and more importantly, prognostic information and content for our patients.

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  1. Berci Mesko says:

    Thank you fo much for the encouragement!
    We need thought leaders like you to reform medical disciplines like pathology. Keep on rolling!