Email Large Documents with Docstoc

| September 10, 2008

Docstoc OneClick is the easiest way to email large documents, without attaching files. Instead of emailing files as attachments, you can easily send large documents as links to all of your contacts. The documents can be viewed and downloaded from docstoc, allowing you to send large files with ease and confidence of receipt. WIth OneClick, simply right click any large document(s) to instantly send files to any of your contacts via email.

  • The e-mail recipients can preview the document without needing to download.
  • Auto-Generated Links; No Upload Wait Time
  • Email an Unlimited Number of Docs
  • Docs Saved on Docstoc after Email for Anytime / Anywhere Access

Step 1: Download Docstoc OneClick and Create a Profile on Docstoc

Step 2: Select the documents (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) you want to send in an email (you can select multiple documents). The documents can be up to 50MBs each.

Step 3: Right click and select "Email as Private" or "Email as Public". "Email as Private" stores your files privately on Docstoc so no other users can access them without the secret URL link. "Email as Public" will publically display the document you send via email, and they can be accessed via docstoc and search engines.

Step 4: An email is auto-generated using your default email client. You can simply add the recipient(s) e-mail address(es).

Step 5: Your documents will be uploaded and processed in the background. Make sure not to close the OneClick application in your system tray.

Step 6: You will have a backup copy of your documents that you can access anytime by visiting your "my documents" on Docstoc.

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