Siemens executive to become CEO of BioImagene

| September 18, 2008

Yesterday BioImagene announced the appointment of Dr. Ajit Singh as their CEO.  An abbreviated copy of the press release is below with link to full unedited version.

What I find most interesting about this announcement is the introduction of a former Siemens executive into the digital pathology market.  This of course follows the introduction of GE with newly formed Omnyx also entering the market. 

Clearly I think the large vendors see the value of the market with emphasis on the data inasmuch as the hardware by which images are acquired.  This is an important component to digital pathology – a platform for image viewing and archiving, analogous to the transformation of radiology into digital format with PACS. 

More on this topic to follow in future posts.

"BioImagene announced the appointment of Ajit Singh, Ph.D. as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dr. Singh had joined the Board of Directors of the company in July 2008, prior to the closing of the $26M expansion financing round. He will assume the CEO role starting October 6th, 2008.

The founder and the current CEO, Mohan Uttarwar will remain with the company, serve on the Board of Directors, and take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer.

Dr. Singh’s most recent position was as the CEO of the Image and Knowledge Management business of Siemens Healthcare, based in Germany. He has spent nearly twenty years at Siemens in various roles. Prior to taking on his current responsibility in 2006, he was the CEO of the Oncology Care Systems business of Siemens for five years, based in California.  He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University."

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