Digital Pathology in Preclinical Research Arena

| September 21, 2008

In the September 1 edition of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News there is a story by Steve Potts, Ph.D., who is the worldwide director of biopharma at Aperio Technologies .

The article starts with:

The vast majority of drug compounds fail in the preclinical stage, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies are continuously looking for preclinical process improvements to better manage costs and identify candidate failures as soon as possible. Digital pathology is an emerging technology that provides an image-based environment for managing and interpreting information generated from a digitized glass slide.

The process starts with high-resolution whole slide images—pathology slides from a study that have been scanned at 20x, 40x, or even 100x resolution, and stored in a searchable database. Users can search for slides, organize and annotate slides, conduct virtual peer reviews, and run quantitative immunohistochemistry and morphology algorithms on digitized, virtual slides. Researchers access a secure internet-based environment for annotation, sharing, and analysis of the images.

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