BioImagene accelerates digital pathology

| September 25, 2008

BioImagene, the Silicon Valley based digital pathology solutions provider, introduced the next generation of the iScan(tm) Slide Scanner with version 2.0. The new iScan delivers high quality images at faster
speeds and increases operational efficiency.

The iScan is BioImagene’s premier desktop slide scanning system for easy digital pathology. It allows unattended batch scanning up to 160 slides, freeing up the histotechnologist’s time to complete other tasks.

Dave Pauluzzi, President and COO, PLUS Diagnostics said "People perceive digital pathology scanners as complicated, bulky instruments that occupy a lot of lab space. Contrary to conventional perception the iScan combines a compact footprint, high slide volume and powerful technology to deliver a variety of laboratory, pathologist and clinician benefits that translates to better patient care.  PLUS Diagnostics prides itself on being committed to science and innovation and our relationship with BioImagene enables this priority for us."

The new iScan produces images with excellent resolution at faster scan times of 3 minutes a slide. A session management module has been added to allow users to save and restore scanning sessions, and allows recovery of the last scanning state in the event of a power blackout.

Enhanced feedback and status messages, provides the users with time estimates for scanning batches, for better time management and efficiency. Users will also appreciate the greater security and the setting of personalized preferences provided by the user management module.

Gregory Loney, VP Engineering, Instruments, commented "The next generation of the iScan was developed incorporating feedback from pathologists using the first generation of the iScan system. The iScan
and our proprietary software accelerates adoption of digital pathology applications like image analysis, online pathology education, remote collaboration, and second opinions." 

The iScan provides an end-to-end digital pathology solution for viewing, acquiring, managing, searching, reporting and sharing images in a pathology laboratory, when used in conjunction with BioImagene’s
proprietary image analysis and management software.

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