Israel’s ASI gives pathologists a vital second opinion

| October 21, 2008

Check out this interesting story out of Israel using spectral imaging for improved diagnostics:

"You won’t find many professionals in the field admitting it, but the awful truth is that pathology is not an exact science, and mistakes are made – too many mistakes, according to Limor Shiposh, CEO of Migdal Ha’emek’s Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI).

That’s why pathologists need a "second opinion," and ASI wants to help them, with a groundbreaking product that applies the techniques of advanced genetic study to the examination of cells for cancer or other diseases.

ASI, a privately held company founded in 1993, has been in the medical imaging business for over 12 years, pioneering the area of advanced imaging in cytogenetic research, the science of chromosomes and cell division.

ASI’s highly acclaimed innovation in this area, SpectraCube, is a light-related spectral imaging platform technology used in a variety of the company’s products. It allows researchers to distinguish between different materials on a chromosome by highlighting its features with unique colors, instead of the black dye that had been used previously."

Category: Microscopy

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