BJC Study Identifies New Approach to Treating Cancer

| October 23, 2008

This is exciting news – finding the cells that matter… Look for more to come on this!

Last week Ikonisys announced positive results from a clinical study conducted by the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University, validating the company’s CellOptics® platform and proprietary digital microscope, the Ikoniscope®, as a viable method for quickly and easily detecting and detailing circulating tumor cells (CTC) in the blood.

The study identifies a completely new approach for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood. Published in the British Journal of Cancer, the study proves how important the detection of these cells is for providing a new and effective approach to the overall management of cancer. The study’s findings represent a significant milestone for screening, early detection of recurrence and evaluation of treatment response for a variety of cancers, including prostate, colorectal and ovarian.

With the recent widespread news surrounding prostate screenings and the shortcomings of the current PSA test, the study results are especially exciting, as they suggest this method may be an effective way to reduce the number of false positives for malignancy based on elevated PSA levels.

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  1. Hi,
    Very good post.Now Targeted drug therapy is a relatively new approach to cancer treatment that is based on identifying the abnormalities in cancer cells that cause them to grow uncontrollably. It involves treating tumors with drugs that specifically inhibit the activity of these genetic abnormalities.