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| October 29, 2008

I received a note from Ralph Moher from General Data as did I suspect most registered participants of APIII prior to the meeting that he would be live blogging from APIII.  I have seen this at other meetings (most notably health 2.0 or informatics related meeting) and have been pleasantly surprised at how well this works and the content it offers. 

I think Mr. Moher really hit the nail on the head through his blog on the company website. One major deliverable of live blogging I'm sure is the accuracy and clarity of what is being discussed as oppossed to "back of the napkin" notes and remembrances which I am guilty of. One can literally transcribe speakers' notes into a post and present the information very quickly. 

Here Mr. Moher did something a little different rather than posting notes as the meeting was going on that I think has significantly higher delivery.  He recorded a series of interviews with leaders in the field of pathology infomatics – Bruce Freidman (U of Michigan), Ul Balis (U of Michigan) & Mark Tuthill (Henry Ford Hospital) during the course of the meeting and has posted these videos on the blog.

Here he is able to capture and ask questions of the experts during the course of the week during the meeting and get their ideas to what others are saying and what they are thinking about in "real-time".

The video and audio quality is very good and encourage you to check out the inteviews and hear what the experts said about APIII as it was happening.

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