Definiens TissueMap 3.0

| November 2, 2008

Definiens TissueMap 3.0 was introduced at Pathology Visions 2008 and will be commercially available worldwide starting November 2008.

They are unveiling the latest version of its image analysis application Definiens TissueMap 3.0.  The application quantitatively assesses cellular structures and substructures in whole tissue sections and tissue microarrays, helping researchers discover, validate and measure new drug targets and disease-specific biomarkers.

The discovery of biomarker models and the increasing use of imaging technologies to acquire accurate measurements of disease parameters are significantly impacting the drug development process.  However, the detailed quantification of key parameters, which is largely performed manually, remains a time-consuming and often inconsistent process.

Definiens TissueMap 3.0 accelerates image analysis by automatically identifying and quantifying nuclear, cytoplasmic and membrane markers in epithelial tumors and xenografts, providing researchers with fast, accurate and reproducible results.  The application can handle both whole section slides and tissue microarrays and can differentiate between viable and necrotic tissue in xenografts.  Implementing automated image analysis enables biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to improve the prioritization of quality drug candidates by identifying poor candidates earlier in the drug development process and thereby realize substantial cost savings.

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