LIS integration with digital pathology is coming…

| November 5, 2008

I recently came across this press release which starts by saying "Aperio Technologies, Inc., (Aperio), has teamed with PDS Pathology Data Systems, Ltd. (PDS), an industry leader in providing preclinical toxicology, pathology, and repro/teratology software, in the development of an interface between Aperio's Spectrum(TM) digital pathology information management system and PathData(R), the PDS pathology software system.

This appears to be the first commercial interface of its kind for preclinical workflow in pathology and integration with a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to aid further in streamlining workflow. 

According to Wikipedia -  a "Laboratory Information Management System" (LIMS) is computer software that is used in the laboratory for the management of samples, laboratory users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions such as invoicing, plate management, and work flow automation. A LIMS and a Laboratory Information System (LIS) perform similar functions. The primary difference is that LIMS are generally targeted toward environmental, research or commercial analysis, such as pharmaceutical or petrochemical, and LIS are targeted toward the clinical market (hospitals and other clinical labs).

Certainly the pharmaceutical, toxicology and research markets have and will continue to be important to digital pathology vendors.  This integration between systems and LIMS software I think shows ever increasing integration with whole slide scanners and LISs for the clinical space.

I hope the LIS vendors pathologists use to manage workflow take note of what LIMS vendors are achieving and support these interfaces.

No doubt one of the last steps to "full adoption" of digital pathology.


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