AgilityBio And Advinus Announce Partnership To Introduce Digital Pathology Services In Pre Clinical Research

| November 7, 2008

In another sign of the pharma market for digital imaging, I came across this press release:

"AgilityBio, a division of BioImagene Inc, and Advinus Therapeutics, a TATA enterprise, announced a partnership that will enable providing imaging services in conjunction with preclinical development services offered by Advinus. This partnership will bring about a synergy between drug development at US based biotech and pharma industries and India's highly developed life sciences service industry. Advinus, a leading service provider of pre-clinical development services to the global Pharma and Biotech industry will combine its services with AgilityBio's imaging services that use BioImagene's cutting edge digital pathology solutions for cancer diagnosis and research."

Increased use of digital pathology and workflow solutions whether here or abroad in pharmaceutical R&D, toxicology or other life sciences markets will continue to help spur broad adoption within the clinical space.  I think those of us who are clinical practioners of medicine will learn much from this integration and the other one I posted earlier this week.  In particular, image analysis applications for cancer diagnostics and workflow management, first through LIMS, then LISs.



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  1. sayenjole says:

    Hey!Good stuff.Digital pathology has the potential to enable the next wave of disease detection in molecular medicine.Awesome post it is! Great idea.