‘Can You Hear Me Now?’

| December 2, 2008

For the past several months I have queried folks at CAP, ASCP and USCAP as well as other professional societies as well as journal editors and publishers when they are going to adopt new technologies beyond member e-mail updates and hard copy publications (albeit most are available on-line). 

I have suggested downloadable podcasts to update on issues affecting the particular organization or society or updates on regulatory issues.  A review of their scientific publications as a short podcast with particular articles I think would also be welcome. 

On your drive in, or at the gym, updates to your iPod or MP3 player are at your disposal for a synopsis of the most critical issues or scientific findings published. 

It now appears that ASCP is taking a lead on this with an MP3 message from the chair of the ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals. 

I hope this kind of information continues to become availalbe in this format.

Below is a short synopsis about "speaking" to colleagues from the chair of this council.

October 2008 Chair's Message, ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals by Lynnette G. Chakkaphak, MS, MT(ASCP)

Now you can LISTEN to this message or you can save an audio version of this message to your iPod or MP3 player. [Download Audio MP3]

You probably recognize the catchy phrase above from a well known advertisement used by a prominent American company to promote its cellular service. “Can you hear me now?” reminds me of the exciting new opportunity I will have as chair of the ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals to reach out and “speak” to so many of my fellow laboratory professionals. This rare opportunity to address colleagues from across the US and around the world is quite an honor.

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