Top 10 Pathology Articles of 2008

| December 7, 2008

Medscape recently released their Top 10 pathology articles of 2008.  Those who are registered for the site can access the list and the full articles from the respectives articles and ranking on Medscape by number of views. 

Not too many surprises other in terms of public health interest and issues pertinent to the practice of general surgical pathology including efficacy of screening for prostate cancer, issues with 9p21 testing, continued discussion of HER2 and ASCO/CAP guidelines and emerging ideas and issues with lymphocytic esophagitis, further breast conservation and cervical cancer screening false positive issues. 

It surprises me the number of case reports that make the list, in this years' compilation there are 2, item #2 is more recent than the other.  I read both and they are intriguing cases but surprised at their making the list at spots 2 and 5.  Evidently there still is a place for case reports.

Top 10 Pathology Articles of 2008:
  1.  American College of Preventive Medicine Does Not Recommend Prostate Cancer Screening With DRE, PSA

The American College of Preventive Medicine states that there is not adequate information to recommend screening with digital rectal examination or prostate-specific antigen measurement.

  2.  A Puzzling Facial Rash on a 17-Year-Old Boy
  3.  Lymphocytic Esophagitis: A Chronic or Recurring Pattern of Esophagitis Resembling Allergic Contact Dermatitis 
  4.  Needle Core Biopsy Characteristics Identify Patients At Risk of Compromised Margins in Breast Conservation Surgery 
  5.  A Traveler's Fever 
  6.  Pathologists Respond to Criticism After Breast Cancer Testing Errors 
  7.  The Risk of False-Positive Histology According to the Reason for Colposcopy Referral in Cervical Cancer Screening: A Blind Revision of All Histologic Lesions Found in the NTCC Trial 
  8.  The 9p21 Story 
  9.  The Value of Routine Histopathological Examination of Appendicectomy Specimens
 10.  HER-2/neu Assessment in Breast Cancer Using the Original FDA and New ASCO/CAP Guideline Recommendations: Impact on Selecting Patients for Herceptin Therapy  

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