Patience Lost – Lines from a Hospital Trench

| December 12, 2008

Dr. Lucien E. Nochomovitz, Vice-Chairman of the Department of Pathology from North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Care System (Manhasset campus) has an interesting monolgoue about his experiences in academic surgical pathology at

He offers "a short trip through a somewhat arcane yet crucial piece of medical landscape onto which the tide of baby boomers is already stumbling.

He speaks his mind and discusses a number of interesting issues concerning academia, pathology & medicine. 

Medical and non-medical professionals will enjoy his insight.

Here are some excerpts from the introduction:

"I have tried to describe an obscure corner of the medical world, one that intrudes unexpectedly and rudely into the lives of millions of Americans.

I write from a position well below the radar of the average columnist, and beyond the discernment of even the average clinician.

The general application in Medicine of an efficiency model, however, feeds impatience with things that take long to accomplish, and discourages the idea that it may be wise and mature to wait."

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