| January 11, 2009

Need a license to practice telepathology?  Could be, particularly outside your healthcare organization and/or state.  This is a complicated area that varies from state to state. 

I recently came across a company that offers its services called to handle the application process as well as local credentialing and insurance needs. 

Their website claims:

"Since 2004 our concentration has been the licensing of Pathologist in the practice of Telepathology. Physicians licensing with multiple State Medical Boards at once present more complex needs which must be addressed. was founded to address those needs. It is not uncommon for an established Pathologist to have over 40 verifications per application which have to be completed by the 3rd parties and forwarded to the various Medical Boards. Multiple this by the number of State Medical Board which the Pathologist is applying to and you only compound the problem. has instituted the most efficient process in the industry. Our typical licensing times run between 45 days to 4 months depending on the State Medical Board and Pathologist. We are able to experience these times due to our knowledge of the process and the systematic follow-up which is assigned to each Pathologist's file.

In 2006 we saw the issuance of over 1600 Medical and Telemedicine/Telepathology licenses to our clients. We believe this is unparalleled in the industry. Our company believes in providing a higher level of service to our clients. This philosophy is demonstrated through our business plan. Due to the volume which each Pathologist provides due to Multi-State Licensing (Telepathology) we actually service a lower number of Physicians when compared to other medical licensure companies. This enables us to provide a higher level of service. We service fewer physicians with more volume. We are able to give each Physician more attention. We know our Pathologist and their needs. Because of our concentration in licensing Pathologist, we are able to concentrate on the needs of our client. We provide custom solutions to our clients. In some cases we provide on-site sign up of Pathologist who are being added to a group. A trained staff member of will travel to your business center to enroll any group of Pathologists or new Pathologist as long as the number of State Medical Applications is 40 or more. Updates are given on a weekly basis . provides premium licensure services which are unparalleled in the industry."

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