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| January 15, 2009

With the proliferation of "small screen" technologies such as the iPhone, blackberry devices and Palm's new Pre, we have an increasing amount of rapid access to data and information in the palm of our hands.  This extends to video and audio devices as well.

You can now listen to postings as MP3 files with several audio receivers and players. My own iTunes has been successful at receiving the feeds and playing the content. While the speech conversion is rudimentary with some errors, the MP3 format allows another element of connectivity and the conversion technology is only going to improve.

My hope is that pathology organizations, societies and medical journal publishers offer similar technologies to "stay connected" with relevent content & information easily accessible when, where and how you want to receive that information. 

If you wish to subscribe to this blogs' feed as an audio file, please select from one of the below links. There are other additional web reader feeds as well.



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