GE launches India’s first digital X-ray system

| January 21, 2009
Kolkata, India, January 7: India may soon update its prolonged and outdated X-ray technology to the advanced digital system for better healthcare quality and reliability. GE Healthcare is to launch India’s first digital X-ray system, ‘Tejas DR-F’.

X-ray, which is the primary and most widely used diagnostic imaging tool, has remained most under-developed imaging specialty in India. The fact that every Indian citizen on an average undergoes a medical x-ray examination annually makes it imperative that high quality healthcare technology should be employed in this front.

Digital X-ray system promises high-end and higher quality diagnostic systems for a better healthcare. As asserted by Dr. Rajarshi Bahadur of Atulya Healthcare, Chandigarh, digital X-ray machine can aid in better diagnosis as it provides better image quality with lesser artifacts, leaving no room for doubt. Post processing which is possible only in the case of digital images can further improve the image quality, hence leading to better diagnosis.

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  1. Its honored to GE to launch India’s first digital X-ray system..

  2. Hi really good news for medical industry, we can get better healthcare quality and reliability.