PhotoZoom application

| January 22, 2009

Many thanks to Joshua Guan over at Utopian Blue for sharing the below post with me and how he created the below image.  The whole slide images you see in Silverlight object are acquired from a microscope camera.

"PhotoZoom makes it easy for anyone to create zooming albums from their uploaded photos. It is an experimental site, developed at Microsoft, that uses the Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight 2. The following image is a so-called digital pathology slide. The slide was mosaiced from 396 image tiles, with the full size of 26544 x 16412. I spent several weeks on the mosaic algorithm and finally worked it out using MATLAB 7. The result you see was generated by my ugly and brute MATLAB code. The deep zoom technology can be used in the online Digital Slide View.

Install Silverlight 2 to see the PhotoZoom image."

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