Another pathologist joins the blogosphere

| January 23, 2009

Received an e-mail from Brian Moore today over at neuropathology blog about another pathologist blogger.  The new blog is called The Daily Sign-Out started this month and inspired by Bruce Friedman's blog. 

As a surgical pathologist, have enjoyed the posts to date and looks like a blog worth following.

Welcome to the blogosphere!


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  1. Hope Leman says:

    Would you please tell Brian Moore and all such bloggers to put Twitter buttons on their blogs? His blog is very good, but the sign up process for it is clunky.
    Your blog is excellent.

  2. Poonam Sharma says:

    I see a few more pathology blogs, a good one on oncopathology is from John Hopkins

  3. Poonam Sharma says:

    There are few other good pathology blogs:
    about oncopathology
    on lymphomas/leukemias
    I will be starting a blog soon, this would be for patients, not too technical.