Mayo Clinic launches new culture blog

| January 28, 2009

In the past I have blogged about Mayo Clinic Facebook and Mayo Clinic YouTube channel and commented about the use of Web 2.0 tools at our institution.  As a brief follow up since those posts there are now over 4,500 "fans" on Facebook and dozens of videos with thousands of views on the YouTube channel.

Now Mayo Clinic recently announced the launch of its culture blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic, which provides an online site for patients and employees to share their stories about what makes Mayo Clinic unique.

There are some participation guidelines for people who wish to share content as well as instructions for employees that I think are applicable for any blogger who works for a corporation.

There is an interesting video with Lee Aase who himself has an interesting blog at SMUG.

The video highlights the reasons for implementing this "21st century technology" of "word of mouth" that has served Mayo Clinic well for the past 100 years for patients and staff alike.   

This is another example of Medicine 2.0 that is making medicine more transparent, allowing everyone to share their experiences as a "publisher", exchanging, sharing and commenting.  

I have begun speaking about Pathology 2.0 that I think will make pathology and the practice of pathology more transparent than ever before.  Content and information (the collective intellectual property of a pathology department) can now be shared like never before which is disruptive for some pathologists but I believe, will offer numerous opportunities for pathologists.

“Mayo Clinic’s reputation has been built by patients sharing their personal Mayo stories with family members and friends,” says Lee Aase, Mayo Clinic’s manager of social media and syndication. “Many patients share their Mayo experiences with others when they go home. Sharing Mayo Clinic offers a place for this worldwide community of patients and providers to gather and tell their stories.”

“Patient feature stories are among the most popular pages on our Web site,” says Thoralf Sundt, M.D., a Mayo Clinic cardiovascular surgeon. “This new blog will enable many more patients and their families to share their Mayo Clinic experience in their own words. In turn, we at Mayo Clinic look forward to learning how to preserve those services that are of most value, how we might improve those that can be strengthened, and enhance the health care experience for all of our patients in the future.”

Sharing Mayo Clinic builds on Mayo Clinic’s existing social media intiatives, including this news blog, as well as:

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