Definiens LymphExpert (TM)

| February 10, 2009

From Definiens - a merger of pathology and radiology or enhancement to radiology?

Either way, some interesting technology and increased clinical use with links below.

Definiens LymphExpert™

978_lymph_nodes_th Lymph nodes play a critical role in the assessment of the spread of cancer through the lymphatic system and the staging of almost all types of cancer and therapy control. The earlier the metastatic spread of cancer can be detected, the higher the chances are for successful treatment.

Definiens LymphExpert™ is Definiens first medical imaging application and facilitates the automated analysis of lymph nodes.

Definiens LymphExpert™ helps radiologists to identify, analyze and measure the size of lymph nodes over time which facilitates the early detection of the metastatic spread of cancer. Designed to accurately measure the size of lymph nodes, Definiens LymphExpert™ builds a 3-dimensional volumetric picture of the nodes and identifies whether they are growing, shrinking or stable.


Definiens LymphExpert™ enables physicians to target their efforts more effectively, avoiding costly and unnecessary treatment and providing better outcomes for patients.

Features and benefits

Definiens LymphExpert™ quantifies standard lymph node parameters in computer tomography (CT) datasets as a second reader in a clinical environment. Quantification results are in accordance with WHO and RECIST guidelines and lead to standard parameters.

Key features

  • Import of DICOM CT Series                                                          
  • Manual detection of lymph nodes via seed point
  • Automatic segmentation and analysis of lymph nodes
  • Standard parameters (RECIST/WHO etc.) and visualization
    in 2D and 3D

Clinical benefit

  • Early detection of metastasizing cancer
  • More targeted efforts avoiding unnecessary treatment
    and reducing costs
  • Better outcomes for patients

Clinical results

  • RECIST criteria [cm]
  • WHO criteria [cm²]
  • Average density in Hounsfield
  • Standard deviation of density
  • Volume in [cm³]
  • Diameter 3D [cm]

Please download our NEW Data Sheet Definiens LymphExpert™ and read what clinical experts say about our innovative medical imaging software (the article was published in Nov 2008 by European Hospital).

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