Pathology Atlas from Medting on Tissuepathology

| February 12, 2009

On the right sidebar you will find a link for a Pathology Atlas which takes you to a seperate page within the blog to an atlas of pathology images hosted by Medting.  To date, I have uploaded over 6000 pathology images, gross and microscopic with a search function for all types of images.  My goal is to upload nearly 25,000 I have collected to date. 

Medting is a no cost service for doctors to share medical content (medical media and clinical cases) and has some special viewers that can be embedded in other web pages seperate from their own as shown on the Pathology Atlas page.

You can navigate into the images, review and perform searches.  You can also go to the source image stored at Medting and rate and comment on the images. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Medting for their support of the blog.  I encourage you to check out their application and offerings.

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