Leading-edge Laser Microdissection Technology

| February 18, 2009

With thanks to Dr. Karl Robstad, a pathology resident in Albany, New York for the tip on this offering from Leica.


The new Leica LMD7000 is a laser microdissection system with a power-adjustable, high precision laser. For the first time, high laser power and high repetition rates, are combined within one system.

The laser’s high pulse repetition rates are ideal for the fast excision of single cells, cell clusters, or thin and soft samples. Additionally, high laser power allows the dissection of thick or hard specimens.

Both new Leica LMD6500 and LMD7000 laser microdissection systems use gravity to gently collect the samples. The dissected material, whatever its size or shape, is collected in a contact-free, contamination-free manner. No additional procedures are necessary for collection.

The laser beam movement of the Leica LMD7000 and LMD6500 is controlled by high precision optics, whereas the microscope stage and the sample are both fixed. This allows precise cutting accuracy at high magnifications, as well as high cutting speed at low magnifications. Both are prerequisites to obtain homogeneous material for downstream analysis and reliable results.

Leica Microsystems’ new intuitive user interface eases everyday research. Additional consumables, such as a non-fluorescent, glass-like membrane for all contrast methods, complete the extensive consumables program.

The new Leica LMD7000 and Leica LMD6500 laser microdissection systems are the ideal instruments to dissect live cells, single cells, and specific cell clusters for biomarker research, molecular pathology, and many more applications.

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  1. yeah, high laser power allows the dissection of thick or hard specimens.